Watch: Sandra Bullock talks candidly about ‘The Proposal’

06.19.09 8 years ago


If two words were ever more synonymous with Sandra Bullock’s career they are “romantic comedy.”  From “Miss Congeniality” to “Two Weeks Notice” or even “While You Were Sleeping,” some of Bullock’s biggest hits have been in that genre.  The irony is that she actually hasn’t made that many of them.  She’s admittedly picky and her latest choice, “The Proposal,” is a huge home run.

While the shtick of having Bullock play an uptight, powerful woman who has to force her assistant to marry her so she can stay in the country is clever enough, it’s her chemistry and witty banter with co-star Ryan Reynolds that should make the movie one of her biggest hits. 

Bullock sat down to chat about “The Proposal” with HitFix and was charismatic and blunt as you’d expect.  Check out the interview as well as a funny new clip from the movie featuring a very buff Reynolds.

“The Proposal” is now playing nationwide.

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