Watch: Secrets of James Franco’s ‘General Hospital’ stint revealed

11.11.09 8 years ago

Michael Yarish/ABC

Daytime television and moviegoers have been on edge ever since the announcement that acclaimed actor and Columbia University graduate student James Franco will be making a three-week stint on ABC’s “General Hospital.”  Now, ABC has revealed a tantalizing teaser that reveals the storyline of Franco’s daytime debut.  What have we learned?

– Franco plays a “mysterious witness” who may or may not be a murderer, but certainly witnessed a cover up of someone’s death.
– He also appears to be a news photographer as he notes, “violence sells, that’s what I’m all about, right?”
– Franco is one of two assassins, but did he commit the murder?
– Franco’s character has his shirt taken off by a sexy blonde.  Oh, James…
– No surprisingly, ABC describes the whole scenario as a “shocking General Hospital event” (as opposed to an unsurprising event?).
– And finally, Franco ends the promo with, “I like it here in Port Charles.  People are so friendly.”

Clearly, daytime television will never be the same.  The edge of your seat drama will begin on Friday, Nov. 20.  Look for the type of continuing coverage only HitFix can provide on what will no doubt be one of the highlights of Franco’s career.

Check out the promo below and decide whether you’ll set your DVR or  even skip work to catch it.

Thanks to our friends at Zap2It for bringing this to HitFix’s attention.

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