Watch: Shakira’s new clip for ‘Gypsy’ with tennis star Rafael Nadal

02.26.10 7 years ago

AP Photo

Reason No. 2683 on why it”s good to be a music superstar: you get to pick hot dudes to make out with in your music videos.

In the clip for “Gypsy,” Shakira”s lasted single from her “She Wolf” album, she cavorts with hot Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal, who seems only too happy to be invited to the party for two. We imagine his thought process went something like this? “What? Shakira wants to straddle me and shake her booty in my face and make out with me on camera? Sign me up!”

Seriously, the song is nothing to get excited about and we predict it”s going to do nothing to lift “She Wolf” out of the basement of the Billboard 200, but the video is muey caliente.

It starts with Shakira showing off her fabulous abs in a black gauzy slip of a thing. She”s then joined by Nadal, whose job description here is basically to look good shirtless (check), fondle Shakira (check) and look appreciative while she dances for him in a shimmery mini dress and shakes her quite impressive booty in his direction (check).

I”m not real sure why the two multi-millionaires have to hang out in a dirt pit, but apparently that”s what rich, gorgeous people do.

Regardless, we know they”re just acting, but there”s chemistry to spare here.

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