Watch: Sigur Ros quietly rock out in mysterious new ‘Inni’ teaser

08.12.11 6 years ago

Enigmatic Icelandic indie rockers Sigur Ros have never done things by the book, singing in a made-up language, eschewing traditional rock motifs and just generally acting like too-cool-for-school weirdos.

The brand new teaser trailer for their upcoming film “Inni” is no different. Presented in grainy B&W, the mysterious clip shows the band performing live, but doesn’t reveal any other information. It’s all atmosphere and minimalist piano-based mood music.

In 2007, Sigur Ros released the mesmerizing concert film “Heima.”

“Inni,” directed by  Vincent Morisset (Arcade Fire’s “Mirror Noir”) will play at the Venice Film Festival in September.

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