Watch: So Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Akon walk into a bar… for ‘Kush’

12.10.10 7 years ago

It’s not new news that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg like their green. But you won’t find much of the pot variety in the music video to leaf-loving “Kush,” the first single from Dre’s long-awaited “Detox” album.

You will find plenty of green dollar bills floating around. And girls, girls, girls. Cars, booze (including at least one prominent product placement), parties in the parking lot, at the club, in the plane, in the elevator.

The odd thing about “Kush” the clip is that all this happens with no motion, literally no motion, as Dre and Snoop walk through scenes that appear to be on pause. Ah, sweet allegory.

It does also contain the extra-helpful tip, that the fastest way to get girls’ clothes off in a bar is to set off the water extinguishers off with a lighter. Because that wouldn’t piss them off at all, we just live to serve dance. Get it? Party doesn’t start until you light up.

Akon obviously wasn’t onsite for the shoot, but he’s been busy, too, with that whole Michael Jackson “Hold My Hand” thing, plus Gaga’s album coming out next year.

It’s a throwback in some way to Dre’s lower budget days in the heyday of West Coast rap, where all you needed was the cars and the girls. It’s nice to see Doc taking a walk with Snoop.

No word yet on an official drop date of “Detox.” March? I still vote “never,” as much as I’d like to hear it.

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