Watch: Something gets a hold of Christina Aguilera in new ‘Burlesque’ video

08.12.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

C”mon, admit it. You often spontaneously burst into song in the middle of your workday, don”t you? If so, then you have more in common with Christina Aguilera than sporting a leather collar and drinking out of a doggy water bowl, as she does in the “Not Myself Tonight” video.

Today, we get a no-frills video from “Burlesque” of Xtina singing “Something”s Got a Hold on Me” in the middle of an empty juke joint (we”re guessing that”s why she grabs a microphone instead of a hair brush to sing into).

It”s not going to make you want to see “Burlesque,” but it is going to remind you that Aguilera has got pipes to spare and that her talents are squandered on her current album. “Something”s Got a Hold On Me” is a cover of an Etta James” song and James is Aguilera”s hero so you do the math on how smoking Aguilera sounds here.

Don”t bother with the non-existent video production values since the clip doesn”t make sense outside of the movie”s context, just enjoy Aguilera”s stunning vocals.

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