Watch: Submerge yourself with Snoop Dogg in video for Gorillaz’ ‘Plastic Beach’

12.07.10 6 years ago 2 Comments


Periscope up!  Snoop Dogg is on deck of a mystical, magical submarine in this new Gorillaz clip for “Welcome to the Plastic Beach,” the title track from their current album.

The totality of the clip is a camera on Snoop surveying his unseen kingdom,as he does his thing over the Gorillaz” retro-soulful/”Superfly”-like beat (okay, there are a few cut ins with lyrics, but those are seldom). And it”s as compelling as can be. That”s because Snoop”s charisma leaps off the small screen as he tells us kids to “gather round.” He knows “the world seems to hopeless,” but he”s here to give us some redemption. We”re not sure exactly how, but we”re buying whatever he”s selling.

And let”s take a moment to check out the awesome fashion statement SD is making:  The stovepipe hat is unlike anything we”ve ever seen a captain wear, although the jacket is straight out of the Captain Bligh collection.

We are so ready to rock it in the bubble bath with Snoop after watching this. 


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