Watch: Sugarland’s new video for ‘Stuck Like Glue’

08.07.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

If the singing thing doesn”t work out for Sugarland”s Jennifer Nettles, she has a future as a professional stalker. Just watch her in the video for “Stuck Like Glue,” the peppy first single from the duo”s forthcoming album, “Incredible Machine.”

The video opens with Nettles and partner Kristian Bush on a road trip seemingly to go visit her beau, nicely played by “Chuck”s” Ryan McPartlin. Turns out it”s an unreciprocated love, to put it mildly. After they get arrested for coming a little too close to the object of Nettles” affection, they get thrown into the pokey-we”re guessing a restraining order is already in effect.

Our favorite scenes are the line-ups after Nettles and Bush get arrested. They may just be extras, but the other gals in the line-up, none of whom could ever be confused for Nettles even by a blind man, add a fun, comedic element. But the real star is Nettles, who, even after kidnapping her  pretend paramour, remains delightfully adorable. Sure, she”s crazy, but she”s sweet and harmless, unlike Kathy Bates in “Misery.”

The other comedic moment comes when Nettles performs an aerobic routine for her beloved-whom she”s now holding captive in a bunker in an undisclosed location-in a leotard from the ’80s (she rocks it, by the way… girlfriend is in wicked good shape). The scene occurs during the reggae rap breakdown in the song and makes the weirdness of the rap much more tolerable than when you hear the audio only.

Bush doesn”t have much to do here.  He”s more her second banana accomplice than partner… hmmm, why does that role seem so familiar for him?

We”re sure Sugarland has some, let”s say, overzealous fans out there, so hopefully this won”t inspire them to take action. Hopefully, even in their hyper state, they can get attached to the video.

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