Watch: Swiping a plane gets dangerous on ‘Airplane Repo’

07.09.13 4 years ago


Being a repo professional is stressful, but being an airplane repo professional has to be far worse. Once a plane has been taken into possession, getting it back on the ground in one piece is by no means a given. Add to that the usual problems faced by repo pros (gun-toting owners and cops) and this is not a job for the weak. Watch these two clips from “Airplane Repo” (debuting Thurs. July 11 at 10:00 p.m.). In the first, one unlucky repo guy discovers the plane he’s just climbed into is possibly more trouble than it’s worth. In the second, repo pros talk about the troubles they’ve faced — and arrests are by no means the worst.

The ten-episode series, which explores the “cat and mouse” world of airplane repossession, follows three teams of experts as they take on the legal, yet extremely difficult, task of repossessing the fancy toys of rich deadbeats. Hired by banks, these “bounty hunters of the sky” face numerous obstacles, from violent altercations with owners, the risk of arrest, and unknowingly flying a damaged plane. The series chronicles these nail-biting jobs as these men have only minutes to inspect the functionality of a plane before they take off. 

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