Watch: ‘Tamara Drewe’s’ Gemma Arterton ready for ‘Clash of the Titans 2’

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As previously noted on Awards Campaign, “Tamara Drewe” is set to make Gemma Arterton a real star.  Sure, she’s journeyed through the desert alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in “Prince of Persia” and fiddled with the gods plans in “Clash of the Titans” for Sam Worthington, but in those films she was effectively playing second fiddle to her male counterparts.  Now, she’s getting a chance to prove she’s more than a media hype creation and one of the more intriguing number of British actresses hitting the big screen this decade.

Talking to Arterton last week, the 24-year-old displayed a down to earth charisma this writer remembers encountering only a number of times in my career: back in the day interviewing a relatively unknown Reese Witherspoon for “Election,” speaking to Kate Winslet a few years ago when you’d never know she’d starred in the global phenomenon “Titanic,” the inexplicable “I can’t believe I”m here” grace of Carey Mulligan and the blunt and no frills attitude of Anna Kendrick during her “Up in the Air” last winter.  Now, granted, that lack of Hollywood spin doesn’t always last, but let’s hope in this case Arterton stays as true to herself as Witherspoon has since then.

During our conversation, Arterton revealed just how stunned she was that director Stephen Frears insisted he wouldn’t do the film without her on board and the complexities of playing a woman who playing a woman who believes only her sexuality has lead to her success.  And most surprising, she claims she’s a really character actress inside and wished Tamara got to deliver more of the film’s funnier lines.  Noting she got her start in theatrical comedies, Arteron stays, “Maybe I’ll do an out and out slapstick some day.”

That won’t be anytime soon, however.  Arterton confirms that she will return for “Clash of the Titans 2” even if she cant 100% say when production will begin (it appears to be early next year).

You can watch the interview embedded in this page below as well as check out my chat with two of Arterton’s dashing co-stars, Dominic Cooper and Luke Evans.

“Tamara Drewe” opens in New York and Los Angeles tomorrow.

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