Watch: Taylor Swift brings the cute in her ACM video

03.23.10 8 years ago

AP Photo

Taylor Swift continues to out-cute anyone else in music today. Check out her For Your ACM Consideration video. Normally, something like this would only go to Academy of Country Music voters, but Swift is just so darn precious that her video goes up on Youtube for the population at large.

Swift is up for four statues at the April 18 awards.
The video isa clever way to mock the whole process and still get the point across: there is no one in country music who”s accomplished what Swift has. Plus, despite the fact that she”s now as much of a pop phenom as a country star, she resolutely and smartly plays up her country roots.
The whole execution is weak, although we admit we laughed at the Top Female Vocalist gag and around 5 minutes in over the Entertainer of the Year spoof.
The other folks in the video, whom I imagine are parts of her crew (there”s certainly not professional actors), need some serious styling tips, plus they are just another reminder, if you needed one, that anyone who wears sunglasses indoors, unless they are blind or having a raging case of pink eye, looks like a pretentious asshole. There is just no other way around it. Maybe they”re taking one for the team and it”s an effort to make Swift look even more adorable, but she doesn”t need any help.

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