Watch: The bullets fly in the second trailer for HBO’s ‘The Pacific’

11.16.09 8 years ago

 The HBO hype machine is certainly in motion on “The Pacific,” the latest World War II epic from Playtone and DreamWorks, the team behind “Band of Brothers.”

Last week, HBO released a two-plus minute behind-the-scenes teaser featuring A-list producers like Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.
Today, HBO has released the second trainer for “The Pacific,” which will premiere in March.
The new trailer seems to focus mostly on Joe Mazzello’s Eugene Sledge, one of three Marines (Jon Seda and James Badge Dale play the other two) who make up the centerpiece of the story, a 10-part trek starting at Guadcanal and progressing through the major engagements of the Pacific Front.
Warning: The new trailer features a little bit of blood, some back nudity and a lot of intense, stroboscopic violence.
For a larger version of the trailer, Click Here.

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