Watch: The child stars of ‘Hugo’ talk Martin Scorsese, Sacha Baron Cohen

11.25.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

“Hugo’s” 14-year-old stars may be in competition with each other when it comes to “Playstation or table tennis,” but they truly worked together when it came to creating the magical world in Martin Scorsese’s vision of 1930s Paris.

Asa Butterfield and Chloe Moretz were both thrilled to work with “Marty” on the project, the former (who plays the movie’s namesake) calling him a “perfectionist.”

“It was a great education,” Butterfield said in HitFix’s interview.

“At one point in the movie, he compared me to Audrey Hepburn,” Moritz beamed. She plays Hugo’s new friend Isabelle in the 3-D family film.

As for another of the movie’s stars, Sacha Baron Cohen, Butterfield was surprised that he was “so serious on the set.” For a comedian who plays Ali G and Borat, it was a new vision, as the train station police inspector.

Check out what the young actors had to say about meeting each other for the first time, and what Moritz’ nickname for Butterfield is.

Here‘s HitFix’s chat with “Hugo” stars Ben Kingsley and Emily Mortimer. “Hugo” was released to theaters this week.

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