Watch: Exclusive clip of the delightful young ladies of ‘Bad Girls Club’ getting into it. Again.

09.01.11 6 years ago


Oh, those bad girls! The stars of season seven of “Bad Girls Club” (Oxygen, Mondays at 9 p.m.) have settled into lovely New Orleans, and at first it seemed the laid back Louisiana setting might have had a soothing effect on our delicate flowers. But that’s just crazy, because you don’t call ’em bad girls for nothing. In this exclusive clip, watch the girls scream, curse, threaten, shoulder shove and get all up in one another’s faces following a visit to a night club. Enjoy your Southern belles!

After the club, a fight ensues in the house between both groups and Shelly accuses Angie of lying. The fight escalates when Angie calls Shelly Sasquatch, which she doesn’t consider an appropriate nickname for some reason.  

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