Watch: The-Dream’s video for ‘Love King’

04.08.10 7 years ago
The-Dream”s dulcet tones are smooth and enticing enough to pull women out of the woodwork-or from behind his back. This is the lesson we learn in the video for “Love King,” The-Dream has to do nothing more than start to sing in front of a red screen and with each note a new lovely emerges. There are the ones he met in the bank, the ones he met on a plane and the ones he met in college (yay for the smarties, he declares). Some of them, based on the way they are dressed, he clearly met in da club.
There are no sets, no changes of locale, just The-Dream standing there singing while the women appear.  Any budget was clearly spent on hair and make up and post-production because there is nothing going on here. Every now and then four scantily clad women shake their booties.
The women never acknowledge each or, for that matter, pay that much attention to the man who conjured them up. But there”s something quite cool about the endless parade, if for nothing else, they are all very attractive, but not all size 0s. Plus, we love that he talks about how hot it is to be smart. We”re not quite sure we”d go so far as to show this to boost women”s self esteem-it”s not Dove commercial-but given how misogynist some videos are, this one is a delight in its own sexy (non-sexist)  way-even though there”s really not much to it.
The-Dream’s label wants you to go to his site to see the video, so we can’t embed it yet. Click here to be transported to Dream-land.

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