Watch: The Killers put on their ‘Boots’ for Christmas charity single

12.01.10 7 years ago

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas, I’d like for The Killers to do another track together, even though they’re on hiatus.

And I’d like for that single, “Boots,” to be about snow globes and cinnamon candles and stuff, nothing that’s particularly mean or sarcastic, mostly just Brandon Flowers getting extra sentimental.

I really like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” so if you could have that as the plot to the music video to “Boots,” that would be awesome and my brother may even watch it even though he hates Jimmy Stewart.

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Please have the band bring in Brandon’s regular themes of redemption and innocence on the Sin City strip, along with some handbells like they do in church. And if you could get Brandon to wear a bolo tie, my mom may even ask him to Christmas dinner and that would be cool. I think she said she’d like to take him window shopping or something.

And I’d like a karaoke machine that’s better than the one that’s in the video.

The Killers will be good boys if they donate the proceeds from the single to charity. If they do, you should give them whatever they want, even if its cars or a giraffe. I’ve been pretty good this year. I’ll be sure to leave out peanut butter cookies and the beer for you again at Christmas.


P.S. I have no underwear to offer for this exchange, as is (apparently) customary, but I’ve enclosed a link to Glee’s “Welcome Christmas” because people seem to like that stuff. What does “jump the shark” mean?

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