Watch: The Muppets and OK Go make bright, beautiful music together

08.23.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

It took the Muppets to get the boys in OK Go back on the treadmill. In the adorable clip for the “Muppet Show Theme,” OK Go and almost all your favorite Muppets unite to pay homage not only to great Muppet Moments, but great OK Go video moments as well.

The irrepressibly colorful clip features little inside jokes to past OK Go videos including “Here It Goes Again,” “White Knuckles” and “All Is Not Lost.” Plus it features a great cameo from our favorite peanut gallery balcony dwellers, Statler and Waldorf, who decide they”d rather go watch cat videos than sit through an OK Go/Muppets clip. Meow. I am a little creeped out by the OK Go guys as bottomless puppets though…

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OK Go”s Damian Kulash hearts the Muppets with a fierce passion. I interviewed him at his house two years ago and the only two “celeb” photos in his living room were him with President Obama and him with a Muppet (I can”t remember if it was Elmo or Kermit).

OK Go”s version of the theme song is on “Muppets: The Green Album,” which is out today with Weezer, Amy Lee and My Morning Jacket.  I previously posted about it  here.

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