Watch: The Muppets channel Kanye West’s ‘Monster’ Part 2

01.05.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

We”ve already to two Muppet-homages to Kanye West”s “Monster.” After one surfaced earlier this week, a second one debuted yesterday. We like this one better.

We can”t believe that Disney, who now owns the Muppet franchise, hasn”t pulled this yet, so we suggest you enjoy while you can…although there is something seriously subversive about hearing Kermit utter the N word, not to mention the Snuffaluffagus calling himself a monster. He”s still lovable to us. We always considered Beaker a bit of a freak, so he”s just living up to our expectations.

And Miss Piggy as Nicki Minaj is just perfect and fits in with Minaj”s love of all things pink. Minaj had dueted with everyone else, so why not Miss Piggy?

Other than to provide a link, prodigious Tweeter West has remained relatively silent on both the Muppets/Monster mash-up and the similarly amusing video circulating of Josh Groban performing West”s tweets in a sketch from  Monday”s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” If you”ve missed that as well, watch it here. We want the whole 48- CD collection.

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