Watch: Sexy and sweet Carrie Underwood versions in ‘Good Girl’ video

03.13.12 5 years ago

Hey Girl, Carrie Underwood has some advice for you in her “Good Girl” video. The clip is really an extended fashion show for Underwood who plays both the titular “Good Girl” and the steamy bad girl doling out words of wisdom. In other words, if you like your Underwood on the sultry, sexy side, she”s got you covered. If you like your Underwood covered up, even sporting glasses, like the naughty librarian, she can deliver on that for you too.

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In a series of quick cuts, Underwood, in way more outfits than we can count (although every red-blooded American male will linger on the black, garter-belt outfit) warns the “Good Girl” that her man is trouble as she slinks around and rubs up against a table in all manner of six-inch “goodbye shoes.”  The fresh-faced good girl, in addition to wearing glasses and a dress buttoned up to her chin,  also sports Laura Ashley flowery, innocent confections. There”s also some random shots of roses and daisies.

The twist is that at the end the good girl and the bad girl come together in the end and they both have pretty “come hither” dance moves.

Do you like Good Girl Carrie or Bad Girl Carrie better?

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