Watch: ‘Thor’ finally unleashes his power in a new trailer

12.11.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios’ first attempt to launch a new superhero since “Iron Man” is officially underway.  The studio, along with distributor Paramount Pictures, released the first trailer for “Thor” in all its glory for fans to dissect and ponder.

Starring newcomer Chris Hemsworth as the legendary Norse god of Thunder, Anthony Hopkins as his father and King of the mythical Asgard Odin, Natalie Portman as Earthbound love interest Jane Foster and Tom Hiddleston as the devious Loki, Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of the long running Marvel comic book has taken some liberties with the character.  First off, Asgard is a place of “magic and science” as Thor tells Foster in the trailer, not the home of real gods.  Second, Asgard is not in another dimension it’s actually another planet and the Asgardians are…aliens.  Nevertheless, Thor fans will find everything appears the same from their hero’s strapping red cape to his powerful weapon, the hammer Mjolnir. 

The footage is a bit more polished than what the studio debuted at Comic-Con last July.  For more on the movie, check out Drew McWeeny’s set visit report.

You can watch the trailer embed in this post below.  “Thor” opens nationwide and in 3-D on May 6.

Do you think Marvel Studios has a legitimate new franchise on its hands? Share your thoughts below.

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