Watch: Three clips from NBC’s ‘The Event’

05.17.10 7 years ago 3 Comments


What is the event in “The Event”?

We don’t know what the event is, but it’s got Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) pretty worked up and he’s about to peel back the layers to expose what NBC describes as “the biggest cover-up in U.S. history.”

Created by Nick Wauters and directed by Jeffrey Reiner (“Friday Night Lights”), “The Event” also stars reliable favorites like Blair Underwood, Željko Ivanek, Scott Patterson and Laura Innes.

Perhaps sensing a “24”-esque vibe, NBC has set “The Event” for 9 p.m. on Monday nights, after “Chuck” and before “Chase.”

Check out three clips which give almost no sense at all of what the show is or isn’t about:

“I Will Shoot You”

“I Want To Meet Them”

“He’s Going to Tell Them”

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