Watch: Three severed limbs get reattached on ‘Bizarre ER’

07.03.13 5 years ago

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Like gross stuff? Then you’ll be happy to know that the  fifth season of “Bizarre ER” is almost upon us. The award-winning program from Maverick TV is narrated by actor John Barrowman (“Scandal,” “Torchwood”) and features the compelling and downright strange cases of medical survival that come through hospital doors from both sides of the pond. “Bizarre ER” is set to premiere with back-to-back episodes Saturday, July 6 at 10 PM ET.

Filmed in the US at Lawrence General Hospital and in England¹s Bradford Royal Infirmary, each thirty-minute episode follows several patients facing an unusual injury.  From a case of lockjaw caused by eating a gigantic sandwich to a man being shot in the head by a fishing spear, viewers will join patients through the process of diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately discharge from the hospital. The circumstances which caused these patients¹ peculiar injuries are often funny, and are reconstructed with Maverick¹s award-winning graphics and animation. Body piercings gone awry to an eye glued shut are just a few of the cases the show highlights in this ten-part series that brings viewers into the lighter side of the emergency room.
In this clip, a boy who loses three limbs playing basketball (go figure) manages to have them all reattached — but sadly, one doesn’t take. You’ll never think about “deep purple” the same way again.
Watch this clip from “Bizarre ER.”

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