Watch: Tim McGraw’s last video for Curb Records, ‘Felt Good on My Lips”

11.19.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Tim McGraw”s loves himself some live videos.  We wish he”s throw us a few more conceptual clips, but we”ll also freely admit we never tire of seeing him gladhanding his audience in his tighter-than-tight t-shirts and jeans.

In his new clip for “Felt Good on My Lips,” which premiered today on,  there are moments where McGraw, who stars opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in the upcoming “Country Strong,” seems to be singing the words to “Felt Good on My Lips,” but the vast majority of shots are taken from such a distance that he could be singing any song at any concert at any point.

That”s what happens when you”re unhappy with your label and at the end of your deal– you just want to move on–and this video reflects that.  It”s pretty much a cut-and-paste job.

The sweet, upbeat “Felt Good on My Lips,”  the only new song on Nov. 30″s “Number One Hits,” finally fulfills McGraw”s contract with Curb and it”s been a long and often contentious (as well as tremendously rewarding, at times) relationship. For those keeping count, this marks the fourth time that Curb has repackaged his hits:  There”s the original “Greatest Hits” in 2000, “Reflected: Greatest Hits Vol. 2” in 2006 and “Greatest Hits 3” in 2008,whose release delayed  McGraw”s last new studio album for Curb, 2009″s “Southern Voice.” After GH3 came out, McGraw talked about how disappointed he was that Curb was going back to the well so soon for another greatest hits when he”d only put out one studio album between GH2 and GH3. At that point, the gloves were pretty much off.

We”ll be happy for McGraw when he gets his new label deal and we get back to some interesting concept videos. No word on if he”s signing with another label or going the self-release route.

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