Watch: Tom Cruise attempts the ‘Impossible’ in new ‘Knight and Day’ preview

03.30.10 8 years ago

20th Century Fox

Ten years ago pitching a Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie would have been a slam dunk.  In fact, Cruise’s 2001 thriller “Vanilla Sky” was sold as just that, even though Penelope Cruz, his little known at the time co-star, had way more screen time than the “Charlie’s Angels” star.  Now, the duo are finally making the action comedy they should have made way back then when they were both hunting for Oscars. But is it too little, too late?

“Knight and Day” finds Diaz as a seemingly normal, every day woman whose life is turned upside down by Cruise who is revealed to be a former CIA agent who has gone rogue — or has he?  And is Diaz as naive as she seems as well? Twists and turns are promised, but the material is hard to gauge so far.

Director James Mangold of “Walk the Line” fame tries to balance the comedy and thrills in a new trailer which 20th Century Fox released today.  The studio  is also in the middle of a media barrage of TV ads on appropriate cable networks (ESPN, Comedy Central) in what appears to be an attempt to increase awareness of the June 25 release.  What’s more puzzling is why spend the money now? Early awareness is important for any media campaign, but why this particular week in March?  Could someone be panicking over “Knight and Day’s” competition: Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups” and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”?  And if you sell this movie as a more comic version of “Mission: Impossible” will audiences buy it?  If not, Fox may have to work on making Cruise’s character seem like he’s more than just an off the wall Ethan Hunt (especially as “Mission Impossible 4” may begin shooting as soon as this summer).

These questions should be answered sometime before the film debuts in June, but in the meantime enjoy the new preview below.

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