Watch: Two new ‘Dexter’ clips arrive for ‘Beauty and the Beast’

10.14.10 7 years ago

Dexter’s role as a daddy is put into question at the same time as he questions a new witness.

For those avoiding spoilers, proceed no further. But for fans of “Dexter” curious about the Oct. 17 episode “Beauty and the Beast,” there are two new sneak peaks.

In the clip above, Michael C. Hall’s Dexter Morgan tries to prod Rachel (Julia Stiles) to reveal how much activity she witnessed in the demise of Boyd Fowler. Last we saw her, it was insinuated that she was one of Boyd’s victims and that she’d seen Dexter stab Boyd. It takes some work for Dexter to de-ruffle her feathers to speak.

In the second clip, Dexter returns home to an irate nanny, Sonia (Maria Doyle Kennedy), who has stayed up all night and extra hours with the baby. While Dexter did what he had to do with Boyd, Sonia clearly doesn’t think he’s doing what he needs to as a dad and, thus, quits.

“Dexter” is on Sunday, on Showtime.

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