Watch: Usher flexes his way through ‘There Goes My Baby’ video

07.14.10 7 years ago

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

We know it”s redundant to say in regards to Usher,  “This one is for the ladies,” since everything Mr. Steamy does is for the gals, but the video for “There Goes My Baby,” the fourth from “Raymond v. Raymond,” is basically a Harlequin Romance set to a sultry, slow groove of a song.

Usher sounds like Seal here, but he takes a page from D”Angelo and is shirtless for 75% of the video. You got a problem with that?  It would seem, unlike D”Angelo, that he”s wearing pants, but that”s not always so readily apparent so feel free to pretend he’s not.

Not that an Usher video needs a plot, other than “Appear shirtless, coo, lick lips, simulate sex (only from the shoulders up), drive fast car, repeat,” but the storyline is about how he can”t wait to get his hands on his girl. Other than the line about “I love the way you be poking it out” (and, really, what girl doesn”t want to hear that?), it”s a sly, sexy song and the perfect follow up to  “OMG.”

See for yourself.

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