Watch: ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Claire Holt talks ‘Originals,’ sibling staking

07.23.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

While actress Claire Holt has the same (well, almost the same) accent as Rebekah, the lovelorn, lonely, pouty and often miserable vampire she plays on “The Vampire Diaries” and is now taking to the spin-off “The Originals,” otherwise she seems to have little in common with the character. That, of course, can only be considered a good thing.

While it’s still a little amazing (to me, at least) that Rebekah would follow her brother Klaus to New Orleans given how many times he’s betrayed her, Holt has some perspective on her character’s motivation. “She is loyal and wants to be a part of a family unit… so she’s going to pull her socks up and get down to New Orleans.”

Alas, the drawback to being loyal to Klaus is that Rebekah gets staked. A lot. “I spend a lot of time in coffins,” Holt joked. “And filming those scenes are not the most fun things in the world.”

Holt also thinks that, though Klaus isn’t excited about becoming a baby daddy, being an aunt will probably appeal to Rebekah, given her affinity for family. She may not have much in common with Rebekah, but it seems Holt has a pretty good bead on what makes her character run.

Will you watch “The Originals” this fall?

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