Watch: Vampire Weekend brings its ‘Cousins’ into the act

10.26.09 8 years ago

Earlier this month, Vampire Weekend lovers got a glimse into the band’s impending album “Contra” with the first single “Horchata”; now, with October almost through, we get “Cousins.”

What will be the seventh track off of the new album, “Cousins” is a bouncing, elementary track from the New York-based crew. The group performed it live on MTV Canada, of all places, and it turned out pretty nice — a pleasant surprise, considering some bands’ TV performances come of sounding spotty or suffer from poor sound (cough cough TV On the Radio on”SNL”).

Pitchfork is reporting that “Cousins” will get a 7″ digital release on Nov. 17, and a 7″ vinyl release Dec. 15 with “California English Pt. 2” as a B-side. The first part of that song, apparently, will be on the 36-minute-long album, due Jan. 12.

Listen to “Horchata” here, and check out “Cousins” below.

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