Watch: Vampire Weekend put on the white gloves for ‘Holiday’

05.27.10 7 years ago

Vampire Weekend is prepping us for the holiday weekend with —  you guessed it — “Holiday.”

The music video, below, features the band done up in 1800s French aristocratic garb, but shooting-wise, they needed only rewind 25 years, to a music video era that focused mainly on rockers committing shenanigans in a sunny generic California backdrop (when MTV actually showed videos).

Watch as Ezra Koenig and his company of powdered wigsmen cheesily hit on beach babes, play shuffleboard, tag the boardwalk, order fast food from a fast-moving convertable, beat up a surfer, the ilk.

It’s a sweet little strike back (or strikes a chord?) for complaints pitted against the New Yorkers for being Ivy League, elitist little rich kids with guitars. I’ve never particularly taken much interest in this argument, considering I generally don’t care about the socio-economic background of good musicians unless the music or statement they make indicates they’re something they’re not (see Ice, Vanilla). But even then, what’s the point of deducting points from the art when you’re ultimately satisfied with it? Just let them eat cake.

“Holiday” wasn’t my favorite track from VW’s “Contra,” released earlier this year, but it is poised to be a sweet summer jam, even ahead of my heart, my blood, “Cousins.”

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