Watch: ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic parodies Lady Gaga in ‘Perform This Way’

06.20.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

After a brief snafu with Lady Gaga and her handlers, “Weird Al” Yankovic was able to secure his right to pull his famous parody work on Mother Monster’s “Born This Way.” “Perform This Way” is the result, and now the video is out.

Madonna, er “Madonna,” makes a cameo in the wild clip, further drawing out the argument that Gaga’s album title track was an “Express Yourself” spin-off (as I concluded in my initial review of the track). But for Gaga defenders, take heed: Weird Al has had Madge in his crosshairs before, so call it even.

However, it’s ultimately Yankovic and his “body double’s” show, as he shows off the many costume change ideas for the “Famed” singer. I think the peacock is my favorite.

This, after Gaga started donning turquoise body hair.

Al is dropping his 13th album, “Alpocalypse,” tomorrow (June 21).


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