Watch: Zach Gilford discusses ‘The Mob Doctor’ and his own medical skills

09.24.12 5 years ago
I did not call Zach Gilford “Matt Saracen” or “QB-1” when we sat down two weeks ago to chat about the actor’s new FOX series “Mob Doctor.”
I did, however, work “Friday Night Lights” into my very first question with Gilford, who plays Brett Robinson on the Monday drama, which airs its second episode tonight.
In the conversation, Gilford discusses the uncertainty of choosing pilot scripts, his hope that his “Mob Doctor” character won’t just be The Nice Guy Boyfriend and whether his own Chicago roots drew him to this project.
I also learned what skills Gilford has acquired from his recent run of TV doctor roles. You may be surprised to discover his not-so-hidden medical talent.
Check out the conversation.

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