Watch: Zack Snyder talks about directing ‘Legend of The Guardians,’ his first animated film

09.23.10 7 years ago

Zack Snyder is one of those guys who does his best to make the promotional process on each of his films as painless as possible for all involved.  When you work with the studios on things like interviews and set visits, I think some people assume it’s fun and a party and non-stop wonderful, but like anything, for those of us who do it every day, it’s a job, and there’s a fatigue that can set in on both sides of an interview.

With Snyder, every single time you talk to him, the enthusiasm is the same, the energy is the same, and the desire to entertain and dazzle is front and center.  He enjoys what he does, but more than that, he wants you to enjoy what he does, and he works tirelessly to try to make everything he’s involved with into something burnished and perfect.

When I was on the set of “Sucker Punch” in Vancouver, Snyder was working to direct this film at the same time, working with teams around the world to bring it all to life and then to bring it together, and I found myself amazed that he could split his focus so effectively..

Last Monday, in Los Angeles, I was the last person in the room for each of the interviews I did at the “Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole” press junket.  I was scheduled for 5:00 in the afternoon, and as soon as I did each interview, the person would stand up and leave to go home.  Ryan Kwanten first, then Zack Snyder, and then Jim Sturgess.  Catching Snyder on his way out the door meant he was in an even looser mood than normal, and the resulting conversation was a good one, no matter how brief.

I’ll have a full review for the film later today, but I’ll just say this:  it should come as no surprise to anyone watching “Legend” that “Star Wars” is Zack Snyder’s favorite film.  There is a whoooooooole lot of “Star Wars” in this film, right down to the bad guy owl with the metal mask he wears to hide his scarred face.  And despite that, the film works because of the visual acumen of Snyder, and because he takes it absolutely seriously.

We discuss all of this and more in my interview with him today, and as always, my thanks to him for the chat.

“Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole” opens this Friday.

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