We still love you, Yeah Yeah Yeah: Beatles sales surge

09.12.09 8 years ago


 Almost 40 years after their break up, the Beatles remain close to our hearts…and wallets.

The remastered Beatles CDs that were released on Wednesday sold more than 235,000 total copies in their first two days of sales, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Among the 14 titles, “Abbey Road” is the top seller. Billboard predicts that nine of the top 10 albums on its Top Pop Catalog Albums chart next week will be from the Fab Four. The lone exception? Michael Jackson’s  “Number Ones.”

Hits Daily Double predicts that the Beatles titles, including the individual releases and the mono and stereo boxed sets, could sell as much as a cumulative 600,000 copies by the time the charts close on Sunday night.

So let’s think about this. Earlier this week, Billboard stated that the Beatles could be the top selling artist of the decade with the release of these remastered sets (when that is combined with their existing catalog and the super seller,  “Beatles 1,” which featured 27 charttoppers). Right now, that honor belongs to Eminem.  In terms of the top seller of 2009, we’ve already declared that we believe it will be Michael Jackson.

What does that say about the state of today’s music and how it is sold?  The surge of both album and individual single digital sales for Jackson following his death was a rare case where fans were willing to buy both in almost equal measure. The  Beatles have no allowed their music to be sold digitally, and that’s one reason we’re seeing this rush to purchase the CDs.  There are some artists that are selling large amounts of CDs still:  Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood come to mind, both of which are further proof that country fans, even younger ones, are still willing to buy full CDs on artists they feel loyalty to.

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