Weezer releasing odds and ends album, ‘Death to False Metal,’ on Nov. 2

10.12.10 7 years ago


Weezer may be on Epitaph now, but the alt-rock band is releasing at least one more effort through its former Universal home.

“Death to False Metal” is a collection of previously unreleased tracks, rarities and alternate versions, formerly referred to by frontman Rivers Cuomo as “Odds and Ends.”

Included is a cover of Toni Braxton’s “Un-Break My Heart” and material that dates back to the band’s youngest days from the early ’90s. Also: weird cover art, to the left. Not that weird cover art from Weezer is a surprising concept.

The album will be out on Nov. 2, a mere month-and-a-half after the Weez’s new studio album “Hurley” dropped. And on that same day, the “Pinkerton” deluxe reissue arrives. And, on top of that, there’s the Memories (Blinkerton) Tour — during which the band will play the Blue album one night, “Pinkerton” the next — which sets off in November as well.

That is, unless the band breaks up before then.

Here is the tracklist for Weezer’s “Death to False Metal”:

1. “Turning Up The Radio”
2. “I Don”t Want Your Loving”
3. “Blowin” My Stack”
4. “Losing My Mind”
5. “Everyone”
6. “I”m A Robot”
7. “Trampoline”
8. “Odd Couple”
9. “Auto-Pilot”
10. “Un-Break My Heart”

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