Weezer teases 2 more new songs – so when’s the album coming?

06.05.14 3 years ago

Weezer is teasing us again.

The pop-rockers have released a pair of new song snippets from their prospective ninth studio album, an eventuality they previously hinted at back in March with a fuzzy 20-second YouTube video that showed them hard at work in the studio for the first time since they hit the boards for their “Lost”-referencing 2010 album “Hurley.”

This time around there are at least titles to go along with the audio, in two separate B&W clips entitled “Ain't Got Nobody” (a poppy, hand-clappy number that is classic earwormy Weezer goodness) and “The Waste Land” (a fuzzed-out rocker). So when is the supposed LP  – reportedly being produced by Cars frontman Ric Ocasek, who also teamed with the band on their self-titled “Blue” and “Green” albums – coming out, exactly? Yeah, they aren't telling yet. But hey, nothing like endlessly obsessing over murky YouTube videos!

Check out the clips below, then let us know what you think in the comments.

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