‘Weird’ Al’s latest video tackles silly sports fans and fight songs

07.18.14 3 years ago

All week long, “Weird Al” Yankovic junkies have been getting their fix every 24 hours or so, with the parody master dropping a new video spoofing current top 40 stars on a daily basis.

Yankovic previously took on Pharrell Williams with “Tacky,” Iggy Azalea with “Handy,” Lorde with “Foil” and Robin Thicke with “Word Crimes.”

Today's tune — and accompanying video — takes a different tack, parodying a whole style of music as opposed to a specific song. 

His target is John Philip Sousa and the sort of rousing, rah-rah fight songs bellowed by drunk, face-painted fans on game day.

Instead of catchy, simplistic slogans, however, Yankovic's “Sports Song” employs wordy and articulate insults scientifically breaking down his team's superiority, before he dumbs it down to the succinct chorus, “We're great and you suck/you see there's us and then there's you.”
Then comes the kicker, “OK, full disclosure: we're not that great, but nevertheless, you suck!”

Watch the video here:

The video premiered today on Funny or Die. It's not likely to make the same viral impression as “Word Crimes” or “Foil,” but it's nice to see “Weird” Al take a break from the top 40 for at least one day. 

This is the fifth of eight new videos supporting his new album “Mandatory Fun.” What will tomorrow bring? 

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