12.15.08 9 years ago

In some odd way, it seems appropriate that the blog software just went live, and I’m writing this welcome message from Austin, Texas, while I try to recover from a 24-hour movie marathon called Butt-Numb-A-Thon.  This is the tenth year of the event, and I’ve been to all ten.  The people I see when I’m here… they’re family to me.

Chances are you already know about the BNAT if you’ve spent any of the last 12 years reading my work on Ain’t It Cool News, my online home for over a decade.  If you don’t, then that’s just one of the many things I hope to share with you here on Motion/Captured, my new blog that is just part of what I plan to do here at HitFix.

The first and most obvious question regarding my move from one outlet to the other is “Why?”  There’s only one way to answer that question for you as a readership, and that’s by getting down to the business of daily content and defining HitFix by actions, not by promises.

I’ve always said that you can’t just show up online and do the same thing everyone else does and assume that’s enough.  You have to have your own voice, and you have to provide an audience with something that is uniquely yours.  And whether we accomplish that here at HitFix or not is something that only you can decide.

I’ll tell you this much… there’s a great group of people working with me here at the new site, and there’s a ton of ambition backing this venture.  I think we’ve got a chance to plant our flag and claim our corner of the internet, and I think over time, we’ll earn the right to be one of the daily bookmarks you check.

I sincerely hope you agree.

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