We’re unhealithy excited about ‘Wonder Woman’ after the new trailer – She Said, She Said


One of the highlights of San Diego Comic-Con 2016 was the release of the new Wonder Woman trailer. Coming in at slightly under three minutes, the footage was our best look yet at what version of Diana”s world we”ll be getting. And to be honest, it”s nearly perfect.

An optimistic and opinionated Wonder Woman? Check. A charming Steve Trevor? Check. A variety of ethnicities among the Amazons? Check. A period piece worthy of Downton Abbey? Check. Fight scenes that make you wanna cheer? Check. In your face feminism? Check. Etta Candy!? Double check.

In the video above (and below), HitFix Harpy”s Donna Dickens and Jill Pantozzi talk about how Warner Bros. and DC Films have sucked them in again. Despite past projects being lackluster, it”s hard to keep excitement and expectations in check for Wonder Woman”s first big screen solo outing!

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