Wesley Snipes is down for another ‘Blade’ movie, but are you down to WATCH another?


One of the best parts about social media is the power of a grassroots campaign. It can raise awareness for a disease or create a groundswell for change. It can also do something less serious, like jumpstart a TV project for a director. So perhaps Wesley Snipes was hoping for a little social media magic today. Or maybe he knows something we don”t.

Blade Trinity came out in 2004, four years before Iron Man revitalized comic book movies forever and ushered in the Superhero Renaissance. But despite releasing in the Superhero Dark Ages, the Blade franchise did (mostly) well at the box office. So who”s to say that with Marvel backing the property, it couldn”t return to the fold? They”ve already implied as much in the past.

Way back in 2013, THR reported that Marvel had a script for Blade kicking around in its writing program after reacquiring the movie rights to the character. Then as recently as last year at San Diego Comic-Con, Snipes told IGN :

Marvel and I have decided to have further conversations. It”s a topic of conversation. It”s inescapable. They have their agenda, we have ours, and we”re both moving at an accelerated pace to create magic. We”ll see if it all matches up. There”s a strong possibility.

At 53 years old, Snipes could easily slip back into the leather trench coat for another round of battle against the undead. But what if Marvel wanted to go a different route? Who else could play Blade? Perhaps his daughter?

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment/Logan Faerber

Around the same time Snipes was talking to IGN about taking up the Blade mantle again, Marvel was announcing a new BLADE comic. Only this one would pass the metaphorical (and literal) blade to the vampire hunter”s daughter Fallon Grey. Since then, the comic has been stuck in a weird limbo and fallen off the radar. I reached out to my contacts at Marvel before writing this article. The only thing they could say was, “[Marvel is] still committed to publish the book at some point in the future.”

Perhaps the future is tied to this alleged Blade reboot. If so, is that something you”d want to see?

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