For Your Consideration: The Folk Lady Version of the ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme

06.17.16 1 year ago

We're very close to the debut of Paul Feig's Ghostbusters starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon and with each new interview they do, the negative fan-backlash is brought up. This time it spurred a fantastic new folk version of the Ghostbusters theme and a nicely-dressed director getting slimed.

From the very beginning we heard from a segment of fans who were displeased the film was being rebooted. But sadly, they never stopped talking about it and so here we are over a year later still watching these people tell us how much they just do not want to see this movie. Cool story, bro!

But thankfully some funny stuff has come out of it like this segment from The Graham Norton Show in which the cast got a very special surprise from their director and had the chance to see him slimed. All they had to do was perform their folk version of the Ghostbusters theme. And they did.

Ghostbusters: Has Driven Everyone Insane, Here's Why


But wait! There's more! In another segment Norton opened up Chris Hemsworth as a topic of conversation. His character's visual appearance is played up for laughs in the film but McCarthy was really disappointed to discover that he was such a nice guy in real life. Check them out discussing his utter perfection.

“I bet he doesn't even have boogers,” is one of my new favorite lines.

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