What’s your dream Beyonce Super Bowl halftime look like? Here’s ours

10.17.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

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Now that Beyonce is confirmed for the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show, we”ve had a few hours to think about our dream program. When Madonna was announced last year, we already knew that she was working with Cirque du Soleil. Plus, since there were rumors she was recording with Nicki Minaj, people speculated that she might join her on the field. This time, all we have is the confirmation that Bey will be at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Feb. 3.

Here”s how we”d like to see her 12-minute show play out. We already know the production and costumes will be bright and sparking, so we”re focusing on the music. There”s not room to do all these song in totality, to we”re suggesting snippets and medleys.

1. Open with “Countdown” with a marching band. Or since she is in New Orleans, pay homage to the Crescent City by including a great brass band and a colorful Second line.

2. Even women who aren”t interested in the game usually want to tune into the Super Bowl half time so go into the arc of a relationship: Start with “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” and do something fun with the dance, such as  bring on NFL players to do it or Justin Timberlake (to recreate the “Saturday Night Live” sketch)

3. Segue into “Irreplaceable” as the relationship goes into turmoil. Have dancers or a marching band on the field all going “to the left, to the left.”

4. Finish the segment with a happy ending and reconciliation with a high-energy “Crazy In Love” and bring out hubby, Jay-Z, for the rap. Plus, flash a few shots of Blue Ivy. Or here”s an idea!  You”ve got four months! Go ahead and conceive Blue Ivy”s sibling so you”ll be showing ever so slightly at the Super Bowl and you can rub your tummy sweetly to announce your pregnancy like you did at the Grammys a few years ago.

5. Speaking of reconciliation, everyone is hoping for a Destiny”s Child reunion. With hundreds of millions watching, here”s the time. Bring out Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Can you imagine how crazy the crowd will go if you jump into “Bootylicious.” They are definitely ready for this jelly.

6. End on an emotional high note. After a tremendously fast-paced, up-tempo fun show, finish with “I Was Here” and bring on a children”s choir.

PLAN B: If the Destiny”s Child reunion doesn”t work, do a fun salute to New Orleans with “Iko Iko” or bring on Irma Thomas, the Soul Queen of New Orleans, and sing a sassy “(You Can Have My Husband But) Don”t Mess With My Man” or slow it down a bit with “It”s Raining.”

What do you want Beyonce to perform?

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