Where does ‘Breaking Bad’ rank among the all-time best TV series?

10.01.13 4 years ago


Where does “Breaking Bad” rank among the all-time best TV series?
Now that it’s over, “Breaking Bad” should be considered the No. 2 show of all time, behind “The Wire,” says Tim Goodman. (No. 3 is “Mad Men” and No. 4 is “The Sopranos.”) Goodman compares “Breaking Bad’s” sprint to greatness to Usain Bolt. “It’s not minimizing the greatness of the first five seasons of other series,” he says. “It’s merely putting an exclamation point on how startling and magnificent this five-season run of Breaking Bad truly was, and what purity of vision and relentless daring fueled Vince Gilligan along the way.”
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