‘Where The Wild Things Are’ gets Karen O treatment, with members of QOTSA, Raconteurs

08.20.09 8 years ago

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has enlisted quite a few talented “kids” to help round out the soundtrack to Spike Jonze’s forthcoming “Where the Wild Things Are” film adaptation of the children’s book.

Under the moniker Karen O and the Kids, she collaborated with YYY cohorts Brian Chase and Nick Zinner, The Raconteurs/The Dead Weather bandmates Dan Fertita (Queens of the Stoneage) and Jack Lawrence (The Greenhornes), Deerhunter and Atlas Sound frontman Bradford Cox, psych-rock songwriter Imaad Wasif, Liars’ Aaron Hemphill and more.

Oh, and there’s an untrained kids choir thrown in for good measure.

The movie, which is co-penned by Dave Eggers is currently due Oct. 16.

“I didn’t want to make music that was hammering you over the head or go for some kind of pushbutton emotion,” O said in a recent press release.  “What I initially wanted to do was close to Cat Stevens in ‘Harold & Maude,’ really simple, but memorably and seamlessly woven into the movie.”

Jonze and Karen O previously worked together on a music video; they also used to date. “I got involved because of Spike [Jonze],” Karen told MTV U.K. “I guess there is a childlike innocence about my music or my persona that he always just kind of dialed into. To play on it and it was a really amazing experience and I think what he has accomplished with the film is basically the impossible.”

She joins composer Carter Burwell in completing the “Where the Wild Things Are” soundtrack. Burwell has worked with Jonze on a number of other projects, on top of providing music to most every Coen Brothers film and 2008 smash hit “Twilight.”

While the band’s song “Wake Up” is prominently featured in the trailer for the film, Arcade Fire seems to be not included on this soundtrack. The band’s label spokesperson did, however, confirm the band is still in the studio, preparing a new album.

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