Which ‘Game of Thrones’ House Propaganda Poster Wins You Over?


Olivia Desianti

Sure the never-ending cycle of war in George R.R. Martin’s series is loosely based on the War of the Roses but as fabulous as the Plantagenets were, their propaganda just didn’t have the pizazz of the stylized World War II posters. At least…that we know of. Somewhere out there might be huge cache of exquisitely detailed illuminations emblazoned with “Drive The She-Wolf From Our Shores.” But I digress. Artist Olivia Desianti has combined the two major warring house from ‘Game of Thrones’ and given them a proper WWII artistic make-over.

For those that are Team Stark.

Buy it HERE.

OR: Buy it HERE

And those that are Team Lannister.

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Bonus! Team Targaryen if you believe in prophecy. Buy it HERE.

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