Which members of the Green Lantern Corps will we see this summer?

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Since WonderCon and the release of the edited version of that promo reel via Apple.com, I’ve probably seen that “Green Lantern” footage about 1000 times.  That’s because my two sons have gone absolutely insane for the movie, and they ask to see that thing several times every day.

I’ve said before that I don’t really read the comics, so I’m not familiar with every nuance of Green Lantern lore, but I know the broad strokes.  I know characters like Hal Jordan and Thaal Sinestro and Abin Sur and Tomar-Re.  I know who Kilowog is when I see him in the trailer.  The animated “Green Lantern” movie last year prepared me for that much, at least.

But when I look at that trailer, I see a dude with an eyeball for a head, and another dude who looks like a bouncing squid, and it all looks vaguely crazy to me.  I don’t know who any of those characters are, and I couldn’t put name to face if I had to.

Thanks to “Green Lantern” #65, though, hardcore fans now have their best rundown on who they can expect to see in the finished film this summer, and I thought I’d publish the list for those who will be excited by these names.  Maybe you can tell me how this line-up looks to you.

All I know is that by the end of this year, I’ll probably know every name here.  My kids definitely will, and I remember the way I absorbed all the names of secondary background characters in “Star Wars” without batting an eye.  That was actually part of the appeal of “Star Wars” for me.  I loved the secret vocabulary, and you should never underestimate how much something like that means to a kid.

Here’s the list:

Boodikka (one of the fiercest warriors)
Bzzd (the smallest and the boldest)
Hannu (the Lantern who would prefer to use his fists before his ring)
Larvox (the friendly insectoid)
Green Man (the most dedicated and loyal)
Medphyll (the experienced veteran planet life-form)
Morro (the caretaker of the Crypts)
R’amey Holl (the recent majestic recruit)
Rot Lop Fan (an enigma)
Salaak (the ultimate multitasker)
Stel (the battle-driven sentient robot)
Voz (the non-nonsense Warden of the Sciencells)

Those descriptions were contributed by Greg Ellwood, who keeps up with the series, and I like having a quick cheat sheet like this now for the final film.  These guys will all show up as cameos, essentially, but fans will spot them, and the fun will be seeing how Grant Major and Sony Imageworks bring them to life.  A few of these were mentioned at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but this is by far the most complete listing we’ve seen.

“Green Lantern” opens in theaters everywhere June 17, 2011.

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