Whitney Houston looks to the top of the chart next week

09.04.09 8 years ago

There is no question that Whitney Houston’s “I Look to You” will come in at No. 1 next week, no matter whose album chart you follow, The only question is how much will the diva’s comeback sell?  

The title looks like it will move upwards of 300,000 copies according to Hits Daily Double. That’s a handy sum in this day and age, but nowhere what the hype would have you to believe, since everyone from Oprah to “Good Morning America” are trying to make us believe this is a more highly anticipated event than Halley’s Comet.  The  fact is that the jury is out on Houston. Reviews of the album have been mixed. Second single, the uptempo “Million Dollar Bill” continues to do well, but the title track did not ignite at radio.  The good news for the label, Arista, is that Houston’s album, after debuting at No. 1 and then falling the next week (while all eyes are on the Beatles reissues), will undoubtedly see another surge following her Sept. 14 “Oprah” appearance.

Look for baby diva Miley Cyrus’s EP, “Time of our Lives” to move to No. 2. R&B singer Trey Songz will come in at No. 3 with his strongest career debut, while rockers Chevelle should debut around No. 8 with sales of 40,000 or so.  Pitbull’s “Rebelution” may eek into the Top 10, although, like many rappers, he’s better at selling digital downloads right now than albums.

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