Who cares about Steve Rogers? The best part of Captain America’s new comic was THIS guy



Yesterday, Marvel unleashed CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVER ROGERS #1 into the world and the response was immediate. For the most part, fans were unsettled by the last panel reveal. Lines were drawn in the sand. Captain America should never be a bad guy. He definitely shouldn”t be a Nazi.

My opinion is that Marvel wouldn”t set up a new comic series about their Hydra hero, Steve Rogers. I also think that as inept as Hydra can be, even they wouldn”t be in a long con with S.H.I.E.L.D. that requires their sleeper agent to kill thousands of his own people and destroy billions of dollars worth of equipment over the decades. But that”s just me.

But we aren”t here to talk about Captain America. No. We”re here to celebrate the unsung hero of CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #1: a tiger henchman with the pragmatism of a survivor. As part of Baron Zemo”s grand scheme to reinvigorate Hydra, he recruits new villains to his cause. Calling them the New Masters, he promises they will rule the world with an iron fist. But Tiger Guy* doesn”t seem impressed.

*I reached out to my contact at Marvel who said Tiger Guy is a new character. Until he gets an official name, I”m calling him Tiger Guy.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment/Jesus Saiz

To be fair, Tiger Guy has a point. Three Z-list villains plus Baron Zemo does not an impressive New Masters club make. But even bad guys have to feed their vices, so whatever. Zemo”s monologue about world domination is all well and good, but does he have the funds to back it up is the important question.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment/Jesus Saiz

The best part about the above panel is you get a better look at Tiger Guy. Surprise! He”s not an anthropomorphic tiger. He”s a dude inside a tiger skin. There”s a (weird) story behind that origin. He”s a dude with a gambling problem who dresses up as a tiger. But the tiger is also wearing clothes. Tiger Guy is a furry supervillain.

Even when Zemo”s impassioned plea is interrupted by Captain America”s buddies, Tiger Guy”s practicality will not be tamed.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment/Jesus Saiz

Of course, superheroes are heartless monsters and care not for the financial plight of down-on-their-luck villains. Tiger Guy gives it the old college try with Jack Flag. You have to admire the hustle. Tiger Guy is gonna get paid if it kills him.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment/Jesus Saiz

His level-headed approach to villainy is a breath of fresh air and amusing to boot. Honestly, I would read a whole comic series that was a foil of Matt Fraction”s HAWKEYE run. Just low-level supervillains trying to get through their day. Not everyone gets into the game for the glory and volcano lairs. Some people just want to keep the lights on and afford groceries. And that”s something we can all relate to.

Godspeed Tiger Guy.

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