Who is Captain Britain and is Marvel giving him a TV show?


Let”s not kid ourselves; we currently live in the middle of superhero gold rush. From Netflix and The CW to the Big Three (ABC, CBS, FOX), everyone is snapping up Marvel and DC properties as fast as they can. With most of the A-List already spoken for – FOX has licked every single mutant so now they belong to them – things are getting weird.

Did anyone ever expect Captain Britain to get his own show? Because he might be, at least if producer Ciara McAvoy's Twitter is correct.

I reached out to my contact in Marvel”s television division, but they played it coy. “[We] can”t make an official comment on this,” might be boilerplate…but it”s not a hard no.

So who is Captain Britain? Other than the twin brother of Psylocke? Created way back in 1956, Brian Braddock came into his powers via magic. After a tragic accident involving a motorcycle and a cliff, Braddock was approached by Merlyn (yes, THAT one) and his daughter Roma. The two offer Braddock a choice, an amulet or a sword. Brian chooses the amulet and becomes Captain Britain, England”s first superhero.

Due to the origin of his powers, Captain Britain fights more supernatural threats than standard world-destroying capitalists. Because comics are weird, Braddock ends up rooming with Spider-Man during a college semester in America before Marvel settled him into EXCALIBUR. In that comic, Captain Britain teams up with his girlfriend Meggan, the X-Men Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Rachel Summers to save the world. When that got boring, Captain Britain wandered off to be the king of Otherworld. Better known to humans as Avalon (yes, THAT one).

Unless the show goes to FOX in some capacity, mutants are off the table. A superhero show sent in a mythical realm complete with pegasuses (pegasi?) and Celtic gods would be interesting. I”d watch that.

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