Who is on top next week? Does Sugarland topple Michael Jackson?

08.07.09 8 years ago

Mark Humphrey/AP

Depending upon which chart you go by, the craziness of having two different CDs as No. 1 continues next week.  The Billboard Top 200 will be topped by Sugarland and its “Live on the Inside” DVD/CD combo, while Hits Daily Double’s comprehensive chart will continue to be ruled by Michael Jackson, whose “Number Ones” is expected to top the 100,000 mark.  Sugarland’s title, which is a Wal-Mart exclusive, is bolstered by last Monday’s ABC special.

Kings of Leon continue to sell like hotcakes and will move into the Top 5, according to Hits Daily Double. The actual number depends upon whose chart you’re watching. On Hits, Jackson captures three of the top five spots, while for Billboard, Kings of Leon are likely to rule at No. 2.

This week had a weak release slate; that’s evident in the fact that only two new titles are likely to come in to the Top 10:  country foursome Gloriana should come in around No. 6 or 7 for Billboard, based on salesof around 45,000 copies, while “Kidz Bop Kids” will likely be right behind it.

Billboard’s comprehensive chart does register all sales so that is the much more reflective chart of true sales right now than the Billboard 200. The simple fact is that Billboard will face this issue again in September when the Beatles titles are reissued in conjunction with the Rock Band release. Just as Billboard eventually recognized retail exclusives and included them on the Billboard 200 (they were previously relegated to the comprehensive chart, robbing Garth Brooks of another No. 1 when his first Wal-Mart collection came out. The change was made in time for the Eagles’ Wal-Mart exclusive). It’s time for them to make the change and make the Billboard 200– the chart that every artist wants to be No. 1 on-comprehensive.  Having worked there for years, we’re very aware of the pressures on them to keep the chart the way it is (as well as others advocating for the change), but it’s time.

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