Ranking “Veep’s” main characters

06.18.15 2 years ago

The fourth season of “Veep” ended on a cliffhanger — a tie for No. 1, as it were.

But the self-described “obsessed” watchers of the HBO show on the HitFix staff have spoken, and there's one clear winner of who is the very best “Veep” main character.

We took votes on 14 of the leads — Tom James, Dan, Selina, Amy, Catherine, Kent, Gary, Sue, Bill, Doyle, Jonah, Ben, Richard and Mike — and some results were surprising, some expected.

At some point we may put pen to paper to write on Mike's wife Wendy, Danny Chung, Sidney Purcell, Teddy the molester, Leigh the scapegoat, Furlong, Ray the personal trainer, middle-road Karen and other side characters we love, but for now, the ballots are in and the polls are closed.

Rank your favorites below.

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